Examples of my work

I do project work, private commissions and contract work with individuals, artists, and professional people in the private and public sector. The subject matter varies. Often the work is archived in the Oral History collection of the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington where it can be used for future research according to conditions set by the interviewees.

With permission from the people I have interviewed I sometimes make short audio stories or podcasts with material from interviews I’ve recorded. These are publicly available on Soundcloud – OHW – Oral History Stories (also available on iTunes)

Collectors Oral History Project and Art Gallery Oral History Project – I am recording interviews with artists, art dealers and collectors. My focus is creating a record of day to day working lives creating and exhibiting work. I try to include some family history as it can provide valuable insights.

As part of this work I make recordings of some of Artist Talks in dealer galleries.

Projects I’ve worked on:

Butchers Stories Oral History Project – Interviews with older butchers about retail butchery between 1950 and the present. During Stage 1 of the project I recorded interviews with older butchers living in the Wellington area. For Stage 2 I recorded interviews around New Zealand. I have also been collecting pictures of butchers shops.

Butchery has changed markedly during the working lifetimes of the butchers I interviewed. Small suburban shops were at the sharp end of social change affected by supermarkets, extended shop trading hours, migration, changes in workplace participation, economic ups and downs and wholesale meat supply. Successful butchering requires technical skill, business nous, long hours and difficult working conditions. Butchers have their finger on the pulse of their local communities and enjoy plenty of humour and banter with customers.

Both stages of the project have been supported by a New Zealand Oral History Award. Wellington Photographic Supplies have helped greatly by scanning many of the historic images I collected.

The project is archived in the Oral History Collection at the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington. I have published a short audio story using material recorded for the project A Butcher’s day – Wahine Day 1968

Please contact me through Facebook or by email if you know of older butchers who might be able to help with my research, or if you have any photographs of butchers shops.

Family Memory Project, the first national study of multigenerational New Zealand European/Pākehā family memory. The research focuses on the descendants of European settlers who came to New Zealand before 1914. The project was funded by the Marsden Fund of the Royal Society of New Zealand and is led by Associate Professor Anna Green from the Stout Research Centre for New Zealand Studies at Victoria University, Wellington. Most of the interviews are being archived in the Oral History and Sound collection of the Alexander Turnbull Library.

Other projects – with links to the catalogue records at the Alexander Turnbull Library: