How I work and what it costs

If you are interested in recording or commissioning an oral history we talk about your objectives, who the recording is for, what is to be covered and how and where it will be kept. Sometimes a short recording is all that is wanted, in other cases a longer recording is needed. A recording that is going to be archived in a public collection is more involved than a recording for family because supporting documentation is needed. The amount of research varies too. A short recording about one or two strait forward topics may need very little preparation and background research compared with a full life history that covers complex or specialised fields. These, and other factors like location and availability of the interviewee, will affect the cost. For each hour that is recorded there are several hours of research, preparation and administrative work. I charge a fee based on the best estimate I can make of the time involved in each commission and an agreed hourly rate.

I work to best fit in with interviewees. This usually means meeting and recording in the interviewee’s home. There will be a preliminary meeting to make arrangements and exchange information and then one or more meetings to make the recording and contact in person or on the phone afterwards. The length of each recording session depends on the preferences of the interviewee.